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OOC Information

Player: Shikki
Contact Information:fetchmodus @ plurk, miasmajesty#4802 @ discord


Canonpoint: Branch C, just before Two kills him
Age: 2 chronologically, 16 physically.
Wish: "You wanna know what I wish? I wish I could get the hell out of this trap and get back to the killing! What a way to go..."
Result: Dito was pulled from the trap and dropped into Nyoi-Cho.
Weapon: His spear, Twisted Hunger as it looks at it's final level.
Outfit: Outfit.


» INTONER MODE. For ten seconds, Dito's strength and speed are greatly enhanced in exchange for his rational thought. Dito will attack relentlessly and will not be capable of stopping himself unless he is crippled or killed.
» Escape Instincts: He is always aware of where the exits to a room are in relation to him. These exits must lead to outside of a dangerous situation. He can't use it to map a path further in, only to get out should things go poorly for him. They also will not work if he has no idea of where he wants to go.

» Phanuel. As a Disciple, Dito has the ability to summon a being called an angel. This can typically only be done with the aid of an Intoner, as a Disciple summoning an Angel without their power is done at the sacrifice of their physical form.

So. You know. This isn't going to be great for him.

To summon Phanuel Dito must be capable of spitting out the full incarnation.

"Behold the fifth song: Grand Light of Antiquity! The great power made manifest... The ceremony of glorious arrival... Burn into thine eyes the punishing lance of divine retribution! I, Dito, summon thee in my name... Phanuel, arise!"

The version of Phanuel that Dito summons is only about the size of a large dog and moves incredibly slowly. The only worthwhile attack it has is the ability to launch pressurized water jets from its back.

When Phanuel is on the field Dito cannot do any other form of attack or break his concentration. It is an enormous strain on his soul gem to maintain this and he cannot maintain Phanuel's presence on the battle field for more than five minutes, and while he will not take any damage Phanuel receives, any magical attacks Phanuel uses draw from his magic and so it adds to the burden. When Phanuel is despawned Dito will collapse.


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Player name: Shikki
Contact info: fetchmodus @ plurk
Other characters currently played: Dirk Strider

Character name: Dito
Age: Physically somewhere between 14 - 16, chronologically about 2. God only knows how old in pigeon years.
Canon: Drakengard 3
Canonpoint: Branch C, just before Two kills him

Background: Wiki.

Personality: Dito is a sick fucking puppy, to put things bluntly. The kid has a whole host of issues that even a licensed therapist can't work through - and you know what? He's perfectly happy with them. Dito loves himself, he knows that he's a fucked up monster with a beautiful face, and he only longs for find a world that suits his twisted tastes.

Which is saying something, really. The Drakengard Universe is a crapsack world where good people die and bad people thrive. Dito knows this all too well - he's done his fair share of serving under a bad person, he's seen (and gladly inflicted) his own share of brutality upon all those who deserve better. Dito has no scruples and no morals. He recognizes bad behavior and loathes people who aren't aware of the worst parts of themselves, yet gladly embraces those who do.

Dito is exceptionally vain, and coupled with his warped sense of beauty - there are really no words to describe what this kid is into. Think of a tumblr blog dedicated to gore run by a scene kid and you have the closest approximation to Dito's aesthetic interests that you can get. He loves gore. The game is full of ambient banter between the characters and when Dito isn't being sarcastic and mean, he's sketching the other party members out with his clear euphoria at being covered in the blood of his enemies. He's positively giddy when talking about bloating corpses and on numerous occasions comments on how beautiful the bodies they leave in their wake are. Early on, he even comments that the screams of fear and pain help him sleep at night. Dito is a sadist, though and through. In his quest with Five, he shows literally no interest in killing the giant enemy crab until he realizes that it's actually rotting alive, then he's gung-ho to see it dead so he can look at the corpse up close.

Even so, Dito seems to understand that there's a time and place for his his interests. When Five reveals that she tortured an old man to discover the delicacy of his homeland, he comments that while he enjoys torture "as much as the next guy, probably more actually" and then reprimands her for doing it so needlessly.

As for the softer things in life -- he can do without them. Dito spent most of his life as a sexual plaything for his Intoner, who repressed these more sadistic parts of him unless they suited her desires. He was forced to act as a sweet and innocent boy to please Five's expectations and desires of him. As a result, he loathes gluttonous, lusty women. He resents being controlled. Resents being used. Resents the ugly parts of him not being understood or ignored. The reason Dito embraces Zero as his new Intoner is largely because she takes him as-is, no repression or alteration. And he, in turn, goes fucking hog wild and gets to be himself for the first time ever. He immediately takes to her, following her commands and satisfying her needs willingly.

That being said, he doesn't particularly trust her judgement at all times. He'll do what she asks, but Dito will hang back and watch how things unfold on her stupid ideas. When Mikhail was tasked with blowing up a cannon on a bridge, Dito figured the dragon would fuck it up and destroy the bridge. And he did. He's by far her most discerning Disciple and will frequently voice is thoughts that a plan is stupid or going to get them killed.

His idea of showing his fondness for the other party members is mercilessly teasing and mocking them. Cent is constantly strung up for his stupidity, Octa for his -- well, everything, and Decadus is constantly threatened with physical abuse. Though the latter enjoys that. He enjoys teasing Zero and Mikhail. Whether or not there's genuine fondness there remains to be seen, but he seems to like them all well enough to hang around without any real complaints. He even offers Cent, the Disciple he'd been the meanest to by far, a place in his new world in Branch D.

Wish: "You wanna know what I wish? I wish I could get the hell out of this trap and get back to the killing! What a way to go..."

Trapped in place by the dying Intoner Two in her last ditch effort to kill Zero, Dito laments how stupid he was to run up and stick her with his spear in the first place. Intoners are tricky to begin with, and one who has gone completely batshit shouldn't have been approached. He's angry at himself for being so stupid, but more than that, he's pissed that it's going to be beside a guy who is gonna get get off on it and the happy lovey-dovey couple who are totally content in going out in a cliche.

When Kyuubey appears, he's glad for the out. He doesn't even think twice - he wants out, he wants to go back to what he was doing before. There are still soldiers to kill, and Zero's forces aren't looking so good right now. The wording is careless, but the intent is clear: he has better things to do than die along with the rest of them.

Passive ability: Welp. Since he wished to escape from a death trap, it's only logical that he gets a power to tie into that.

Escape Instincts: He is always perpetually aware of where the exits to a room are in relation to him. These exits must lead to outside of a dangerous situation. He can't use it to map a path further in, only to get out should things go poorly for him. They also will not work if he has no idea of where he wants to go.

Active ability: All Dito wants to do is have the freedom to kill his enemies without restriction. His wish stems from the core desire to keep on killing and not have to deal with dying in the middle of a bloodbath. So! A power that revolves around murdering the shit out of people goes hand in hand with that.

Intoner Mode: Not nearly as powerful as the one in canon, but for ten seconds Dito can enter a frenzied killing mode where his attacks and movement speed are enhanced. He strikes out blindly without care for who he hits or what kind of damage it does to himself. Any damage taken during this time will not slow him down unless it's enough to cripple or kill him. When the mode ends, his movement speed and strength are reduced. This ability can only be used once every twenty-four hours.

Weapon: Twisted Hunger, his spear. Level 4.

Sample: He knows.

He knows the second she's dead. The very instant she stops moving. The second her mind stops. He feels the shift, and all at once he's free. No longer bound to her expectations, no longer her little bitch. Dito doesn't even need to step out from his hiding place to know that she no longer has any sway over him, that the spear he grips in his hand is no longer a tool for her to command. That he is is no longer her nightly play thing.

He grips his spear tightly. Stepping out from his hiding place to survey the damage. The white haired bitch - Zero, right? - turns to her dragon companion, and the glorious, bloodied sight is all his to see.

"It's about time somebody put her out of my misery... Man, they really did a number on her. Not so hot now, are you?"

The smile that spreads across his face is wide enough to hurt. Yes, yes, yes, yes --

But then the body twitches. Five starts to move, clumsily jerking this way and that as she clings to life. His knuckles go white against the guard, arms shaking - and at once he rushes forward, bringing it down on her head.

She doesn't even know what hit her. Down she goes, staggering back.

"You think it's gonna be that easy, blubberbags? Come on now, let's see what's really under that sickly sweet exterior! It'll be fun, Five!" He brings the spear up, back above his head, then down. Again and again and again. The blade hits the ground and he twists it, a maddened laugh bubbling forth. "Yeah! Let's see how much you like it! Let me rip you open and wear your ribcage like a crown!"

But at the end of it, Five lays twisted, bleeding and split open at his feet. Dito stumbles back, chest heaving -- but the anger fades slowly. A hand comes up to his mouth, covering it... yet it's not out of horror. It's to hide the sick smile that he can't contain. There's a temptation to snatch up a keepsake, but he pushes it down, turns to the other two in the room.

"Now... what was that name again?"


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